Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So, I get a call from my Mom the day before I fly home from my amazing vacation in LA saying that a little Owl had been there!! This was SO great because it gave me something to look forward to once I got home because I knew I would be super depressed about leaving my friends. And I was!! But my spirits were brightened when I saw this on the table!

Sam watched as everything was unloaded out of the box with much interest...until I pulled out the camera. He was apparently not up for a photo op as you can see him jumping away.

Here's another shot minus Sam.

A cute little Owl came with everything bearing a message:

This bag is so cute. I love shoes. I love bags. It was full of win! "omg shoes!"

I was stoked to get this great bag with a cute heart zipper tag in such a nice black and white print and was surprised to see that when I opened it there were little goodies inside!! Exploding Bonbons and chocolate GOLD! Like the bag wasn't enough! Plus, and I don't know how she knew this, but also included was a bag of my favovorite old fashioned candy! Totally salivating right now...Mm....

This was a total surprise. A recipe for Treacle Tarts! I'm going to make these ASAP. Seriously.

Knitting accessories in abundance! A set of DPNs, circular needle, knitting gauge (always been meaning to get one but never did so yay!) a set of GORGEOUS stitch markers which are on a super cute bracelet!

Close up on just the markers. Because I'm pretty sure everything was hand made it totally deserved it's own picture! <3

Super close up on the bracelet clasp. IT'S THE CAT'S TAIL!!!! LOVE IT!

And in the tiniest package came these hand made earrings! I just got my left ear re-pierced while I was in LA so I can actually wear these now!!

Super cute tiny socks! I hate to say I'm not 100% sure what they're used for, but I've been thinking like a bookmark, or decoration, or whatever! Either way, cute and awesome!

A sock pattern and a really beautiful hand painted yarn, plus black and yellow! <3 Brigid is totally observing this picture.

And what else?! Could there possibly be MORE?!?!!? YES! YES THERE CAN!!! A book on how to knit socks on 2 circular needles!! Who's been wanting to learn that for like forever? Me!

Oh, and how can I forget THIS amazing creation? A bag so big and beautiful that it can hold ALL the stuff I got plus MORE!? I love the quilted fabric, the flannel HP lining, the decorative yellow stitching, the pocket on the outside, the big cute button...*GASP!* It's so amazing, I've been truly spoiled out of my mind!

Thank you SO MUCH Penelope of Flitwick!! You went above and beyond and everything is very appreciated. Plus I forgot to post saying that in addition she sent me Goat Milk Soap and Body Lotion earlier in the month! They smell so delicious and I've already put a good dent in them lol. <3 So yes, thank you thank you thank you! You've been so sweet through this whole thing with every email and I hope we can keep in contact even after this swap has ended!


Eleanor said...

wow! you really did get a lot of great goodies in you kit - :D

Penelope of Flitwick said...

Daisy I am glad you liked your goodies. I am afraid I love doing this so much I never know when to say when. The braclet is actually a stich marker holder unless you have petite wrists. The little socks are a book mark.

Calliope said...

I love that bag! wow!